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  • Amenities
    • Onsite Washer and Dryer (Free)
    • Bike Racks - Please bring your own lock
    • Beach Chairs and Towels
    • DVD Collection in Office
    • Across the street from the Beach
    • Jacuzzi and BBQ
  • Bonus Time (Owners Only)
    A perk of being an owner is you have an opportunity of additional time at the Casa.  How Bonus time works: You can reserve within 90 days of the date of arrival at $100 a night with a 3 night minumum. The price is the same for studios and 1 bedrooms 
  • Check in and Check out
    Check in: 4 pm
    Check out: 11 am
  • Hours of Operation
    Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm
    Friday 9 am - 6pm
    Saturday 9 am - 1pm
    Sundays - CLOSED
    Hours of Use: 
    • 9 am - 10 pm
    When using the BBQ grill:
    • "Do not leave the BBQ grill unattended at any time".
    •   Our new grill heats up very quickly
    Please have your food for grilling ready and with you when you start the grill. .
  • Maps and Directions
  • Occupancy
    • MAX. OCCUPANCY IS 4 This is strictly up held.
    • The occupancy is restricted to 4, four heart beats.
    • This includes babies and small children.
    • Children and guests under the age of 21 staying at the Casa must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Our "Torrey Pines" units: Are one bedrooms units.
    • Our "Sanddollar" units: Are studio units.
    • No Pets are allowed.
    • Non-smoking Property
  • Parking at the Casa
    • Parking is limited to the east side of the street along Coast Blvd. and the south side of the street going east up of La Jolla Blvd.
    • There are a few handicap places located on the west side of Coast Blvd. just past us.
    • There is a 15 minute loading zone located in the alley off La Jolla Blvd.on Scrippts Lane.
  • Rooms are furnished with:
    • Full Kitchens & a wide variety of cooking utensils & equipment.
    • Full bathrooms, hair dryers, towels & bath soap.
    • Sanddollar Unit: Is a Studio unit that has a queen size murphy bed and a sectional sofa with queen fold out bed.
    • Torrey Pines Unit: Is a One bedroom unit that has a king size bed in most of our units but we do have two one bedroom units with queen size beds and all have a sectional sofa with queen fold out bed.
    • Four beach towels.
    • Beach chairs available upon request.




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