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Safari Park
Posted on Jan 1st, 2013

Updated April 19, 2017
Step into an adventure like no other! The San Diego Zoo Safari Park immerses you in an active, hands-on safari experience where herds of animals roam natural habitats in a 1,800-acre reserve. Choose from a variety of exciting safari expeditions by tram, caravan cart, zip line, jungle ropes, balloons and more that reveal lions lounging in the grasslands, antelope and giraffes mingling, storks and crowned cranes on the march, rhinos wallowing in waterholes, and sightings of many other amazing animals. These expeditions provide views of the African Planes and Asian Savanna you can't get anywhere else.
Explore walking trails that reveal beautiful vistas and endangered species like the California condor, engage in close encounters with animal ambassadors, and discover the adventure of conservation in action at this leading-edge wildlife park.
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